Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the most commonly used dental prosthetic device in the United States. They have helped millions of Americans overcome missing teeth and restore function to their smile. Dental implants are designed to simulate natural teeth roots so that tooth replacement surgery does not have to be performed. There are two basic types of implants - subperiosteal and endosperm.

Patients that qualify for this prosthetic can have one or multiple dental implants. Patients who are good candidates for dental implants include those who have suffered a loss of tooth, are missing teeth and suffer from overbite or under bite. Good candidates for these prosthetics are those who live in relatively good health and who have had some form of dental work completed. If a patient has some level of stability and good oral health, then they may be a good candidate for this prosthetic. Those who smoke or have a history of smoking will not be good candidates for this prosthetic because they will need to give up smoking and/or delay smoking if they wish to retain their teeth. For more details on dental implants, consider consulting a mini dental implants dentist Lexington.

After a patient undergoes a dental implant procedure, there is not enough bone for them to replace the lost tooth or teeth. When the bone is not sufficient, the prosthetic is placed on top of the remaining tooth. To place the prosthetic on the tooth, the patient will need to bite down on both sides with the lower jaw slightly bent. This allows enough bone to be used in the placement of the dental implant. Once enough bone has been used, the dentist will use a titanium screw to secure the prosthesis in place.

The benefits of dental implants include improved chewing efficiency, a stronger jaw, and more than one restored tooth. One of the drawbacks to dental implants is that it can take several years for enough bone to fuse to fill in the gaps created by missing teeth. Patients that have missing teeth or that have dentures can also benefit from dental implants. With dental implants, a patient is able to regain self-confidence and improve their appearance.

When a patient has dental implants, there are many benefits. Because there are not enough teeth to support the prosthetic, the dentures can be adjusted to fit the new teeth better. Patients can eat any type of food they desire, including soft foods, hard foods, and sugar-free gums and sweets. Because there are not enough teeth to sustain chewing properly, patients need to chew their food properly to help prevent tooth decay. View here if you want to learn more about dental implants.

Since a dental implant looks similar to the natural teeth of a person, patients do not need to worry about their smile being unattractive after dental implants have been placed. Patients are able to eat all types of foods as before with no problems. With dental implants, they can wear any type of cosmetic dentistry jewelry they wish, and they can even use false teeth if they so desire. All of these benefits, along with improved appearance, make dental implant surgery an excellent procedure for anyone who may be missing one or more teeth. Anyone interested in having their teeth repaired should consult with a qualified dentist to determine if this procedure is right for them. Take a look at this post expounding more on the topic.

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